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Our Approach


Build-up of a platform for investment

We will provide the organizational infrastructure to perform due diligence and Scientific Evaluation, finance and complete acquisition, while the company focuses on thoughtful integration, competitive product positioning, services and customer relationships in regard to :

- Companies ideally suited to carry out an acquisition program due to a leading competitive market position.
- Companies operating within a fragmented or overlooked market.
- Management team has a proven track record of success in integrating add-on acquisitions
- Sector has favourable supply-demand dynamics that support revenue and earnings growth.

Under-performing business units experiencing financial distress

- Event-driven cyclicality such as a dislocation in the capital markets or a geopolitical event, which is frequently followed by an economic slowdown or recess
- Company or asset specific distress, which can result from customer defections, inappropriate capital structures or general mismanagement
- We can provide operational guidance and capital assistance

Companies or assets that are misunderstood or have fallen out of favour

- We seek to align itself with management and either make the company private (in a “public to private”) or purchase the company or asset in a privately negotiated transaction
- Execute on a contrarian, value-based investment strategy that utilises the tendency of selected sectors to periodically fall out of favor with investors.
- Focus on long-term performance and industry fundamentals
- We will implement necessary changes that will ultimately lead to significantly improved performance and valuation.

Corporate divestitures or spinouts

- Companies that are re-evaluating their strategic plan and capital allocation policies
- Spin off of a division that can affect the broader corporate purpose or change strategic direction
- Companies or divisions that may lack the operational or capital resources to thrive on an independent basis
- We can identify initiatives and infrastructure required to facilitate stand-alone operations