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Our Services

a) Strategic Mapping  

Strategic mapping involves building overall strategy for the client, resulting into increase in their

    • Valuation,                                                                   
    • EBITDA,
    • P.E.R,
    • Market Capitalization
    b) Arrangement of funds through Private Equity/ Venture Capital

    We stay in regular touch with the current trends & scenario while working with a customer centric approach for benefitting the clients.
    Our Private Equity team identifies a potential entity in need of fund & simultaneously arranges for a PE investor willing to invest in the identified entity.

    Our team specialize in identifying opportunities with the potential for long term value creation in emerging & sunrise sectors. Our specialists also look for companies with a consolidation play in fragmented industries as well as niche opportunities segmented by technology & delivery systems.
    In every investment, our team look for:

      • A management team with passion & drive to create world-class enterprise; a team that command credibility that is backed by a proven track record.
      • A company with strong intellectual property, technology or a well differentiated market positioning
      • A well articulated business plan & strong execution skills that would give the company a sustainable competitive advantage
      • A company that has clear potential to achieve leadership in a well-defined, large & growing market.
      c) Corporate & Financial Restructuring through Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

      This can be an effective path to growth that adds tremendous value and secures market competitiveness, but only when the right opportunities are seized. The complexity of choosing the right M&A deal, executing it with certainty, and implementing it for long-term value creation presents an unfortunate reality: Realizing the expected value from a deal remains elusive to many.
      By infusing a strategic perspective with execution insights through the deal, we provide a better outcome and more robust process. We help clients transform their business through M&A deals that realize strategic goals, capture value, and deliver to shareholders.
      We provide:-

        • Valuation analysis
        • Evaluate potential acquisition targets
        • Evaluating & proposing financial and strategic alternatives
        • Assist in negotiating and closing the acquisitions

        d) Tax & Regulatory Services

        Now a day’s, the most complicated thing about business is compliance to tax laws. If not handled properly, these can be one of biggest obstacles to growth.

        Our tax experts:

        • Are specialized in providing commercially-focused tax advice & tax services to a wide range of clients who operate in all sectors of the economy.
        • Work continually to help ensure that our clients make the best business decisions in the light of fiscal change and development.
        • Monitor & anticipate changes to tax legislation & respond quickly with advice specific to our clients’ particular commercial requirements.

        Our tax services includes:-

          • Tax advice on mergers, amalgamations & business restructuring
          • Corporate tax planning
          • Advising on International Tax Structuring & Transfer pricing Laws.

          e) Financial & Legal Due Diligence

          Our financial due diligence approach focuses on the financial position of your target acquisition. We will verify the company’s financial information and assess its future potential.

          Our analysis includes:

          • Earning history
          • Cash flow
          • Future earnings potential
          • Quality of its assets & liabilities
          • Working Capital
          • Purchase price allocation
          • Tax compliance

          With deep experience in broad range of industries whether it is manufacturing, health care, real estate, distribution, construction, pharma, private equity etc. we will bring an exceptional team to your project that is accustomed to working with our due diligence process specifically in your industry. Our experts can help you with pre-acquisitions due diligence, post-merger integration.

          f) Deal Structuring, support & Advisory Services

          We help to make a successful ownership transfer. Provide the seller with desired remuneration for the business & ensure that the business buyers can operate the business in line with their financial goals.
          We provide:

          • Recommendation on optimal deal structure from a tax perspective
          • Recommendation on financing alternatives & sources.
          • Assistance in transaction modelling, acquisition & financing agreements & purchase price allocation.
          • Service such as closing balance sheets audits, purchase price adjustments & earn out calculations

          We believe that an investor should be a source of skills, know-how, experience & support; we complement the entrepreneur’s & act as a catalyst for company’s growth.